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Submitted by Caz Zielewski D 4960

Quantico Skydivers. We were a military club aboard MCB Quantico (Va). We jumped more or less in one locale aboard the base, but got shifted around, when the "DZ" got reallocated to become the base landfill about '79. Names that jump out from that time: Dick Williams´╗┐, John Matthews, Bob Dodt, Bob Earl, John Quinn. Some of the most memorable demo's were jumping into the Miss America Weekend (when the city PR person heard we were going to load & jump in out of a helo, he lobbied & got the helo to land on the beach in front of the Convention Center. While the helo was enoute, the PR dude remarked 'I think I know what kind of helo you guys are using...... you call them "Huey's"........ "ummmm, no... we call them a CH-53".... Sand blasted people for two blocks.... He was the one that called it in). Another demo not to be forgotten was the multi year stint we did jumping into the Washington DC. Gained great PR & goodwill by doing change of commands & base picnics up & down the east coast. Col Lee Holland (Senior military attache during the Iran hostage fiasco) was one of our greatest 'sponsors'. Went defunct in the mid 80's, but is in the process of raising itself from the ashes.