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Omro - Skydive Adventure

From WBAY ABC- TV 2 October 31, 2016

OMRO, Wis. (WBAY) – Bill Hasenfus has seen a lot in his life from the sky. He took his first skydive 57 years ago.

“Back then we were considered like daredevils, you know defying death, I also got into it with the news media,” Hasenpus said. “We’re not dare devils just regular sport jumpers,”

He went from a daredevil to a instructor. He’s now closing his 52 year old skydiving business Skydive Adventure near Oshkosh.

“We were training 1,400-1,700 students per year, first timers,” said Hasenfus.

Hasenfus experienced a lot of history. His brother Eugene was a CIA Operative who was shot down over Nicaragua in 1986. Eugene survived because of Bill’s parachute, which he should not have had. That incident helped reveal Iran Contra Affair. WBAY’S interview with Bill led CBS Nightly News.

Hasenfus has made an impact at the world’s biggest air show. He kicked off the air shows at the EAA as a member of the Liberty Parachute team.

“These were all old timers like me, a lot of experiences all of these guys, been years in the sports,” said Hasenpus.

All of these years later Hasenpus still stands by the thrill of sky diving.

“It’s an adventure for one thing and it’s very self fulfilling, it’s something your not going to experience in almost any other sport,” said Hasenpus.