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Manor - Bird's Nest Airport

Submitted by Rick Johnson SCR 1339, SCS 292

There was a DZ at Bird's Nest airport east of Austin (just north of Manor) in the early '70s.

The following info was submitted by Ed "Fast Eddie" Naylor

The DZ was called Austin Parachute Center. It was originally started by Mike Mullins in the 1970s. It started as a Cessna DZ and Mike later acquired a Twin Beach.

The DZ was acquired by Clark Thrumond and he ran it in Manor, Tx unti he moved APC to the municipal airport in Georgetown Texas. Clark got APC in the late 1970s.

Clark acquired a Twin Beach, N64A, aka "B J Aerofreight" that he operated at Bird's Nest and then later in Georgetown. Bird's Nest was a single runway airport with a short runway.

Clark ran APC for a number of years in Georgetown, TX until he closed it in the mid to late 80s.

I am having to guess on the dates, my logbooks only say APC and I did not change that when the DZ location moved.

Bird's Nest has now become Austin Executive Airport a very nice FBO.

Both DZs were wonderful places to skydive.