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Submitted by Jim Orent

There was a small DZ based in what was described to me as a farmer's field in Lyman, ME a few miles north of Skydive Lebanon (ME)--now Skydive New England--when I started jumping in '93. Some of my DZ friends started there with static line progression...described it as pretty much a one man operation. A group of jumpers who called themselves The Thunderbirds were reported to jump there sometimes. I remember a first jump student fatality occurred the following season (in front of his family), and the operation closed not long ! after due to the aftermath of the incident. I recall my friends liking the owner and appreciating the start he gave them in the sport.

Photos below submitted by Bruce Therrien

Here are a couple of images shot over the DZ in Lyman, ME. The three way line (Paul Prevette, Mike Lavoie and Billy Older) was shot on June 6, 1979 and the shot just after exit (Steve McCarn, Mike Lavoie and Diane Gibblin) was shot on August 28, 1980.