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Submitted by Wes Walker D-3895

I was trained by Davis Sims D-282, in 1969.  Davis, passed away in Dec. of 2002.  A lot of people didn't know this but Davis, started using cross point ventilation on squares, before it was patented.  When the "clouds" first came out the end cells would not fully inflate on opening.   Davis took a tin coffee can & heated it up on a hot plate, & burned holes between the outside end cells.  Problem solved.  I told him he should patent it.  We, have a St. Patrick's Day Boogie every March in Fitzgerald.  Next year the road leading down to the camp ground where we hold the boogie, is going to be named after Davis.  The road will be called "Dave Sims Way".  The DZ isn't operational any longer except for that one weekend a year. I have attached a couple of pictures.  One of Davis & one of us together at a demo at a water park near Fitzgerald back in the 80's. Below are myself and Jim Stanley D-3207 beside the Twin Beech and myself exiting over Fitzgerald.

davis sims

From E. Schlick D-2377:

I jumped with Davis back in the sixties. Can't remember which year I used my 180 (9170C) in a meet at Fitzgerald. Had my first malfunction and damn near landed on the hanger.