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Submitted by Sandra Doc Roberts

Spaceland's former home early to mid-70's

After waiting almost a year for this plane, pilot error, ran out of gas at 10,000 ft. on first load...went a little too far out on his deadstick landing and took the soybean field over the ditch, road, ditch, fence, runway or the cross country power lines. The jumpers made him take them on jump run and everyone survived including the pilot (who had a big gash on his forehead). Mid-70's Cleveland Texas AKA Mushroom Mecca...

For the youngsters who never had to do it, this is out the door of the DC3 at Cleveland Texas probably 1972. Fly around to altitude, maybe drop a streamer out the door, and do a few mental calculations before taking a full load out the door. Rarely did any wind up in the Big Piney Woods that surrounded the airport.