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Submitted by Rand Lindsly

Gear Dealers "Bonz and Brown Dog"

Ron St. Jean and Jeff Jones (owner) in front of main building


Drop Zone from above

Ron St.Jean in front of main building

Paul Brewer exiting over a golf course.

And a group shot.

Submitted by Michael Houston

I still have an old jump ticket from Antioch! It sat in a pocket in my logbook for a LONG time!
Awesome memories!



Submitted by Warren Luck:

Once while putting out students at Antioch from a 210, the fog came in (Which it Would do Quickly) from one student out to getting ready for the next, the pilot said "I can't see where I am going." Looking down I could see everything quite well. I gave him (Bob Norman) RIP directions and we brought the A/C and remaining student/s back to earth. We never mentioned it, for we had broken a rule by not going to Livermore Airport which had radar. Perry Stevens (RIP) would have been upset to say the least had he known.